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How it works?

8:30 AM
Completed only 3 out of 6 tasks in the basement lobby of the shaw building.
8:30 AM
Reported a problem in the HVAC room of the DNDO building.
Can't access the equipment cabin for cleaning
8:30 AM
Completed serving the 12th-floor washroom at McDonald�s building
11:15 AM
Reported a problem that soap in a dispenser at the 3rd-floor washroom of Rino LRT station is empty.
1:18 PM
Completed inspection at washroom 3 of CRE building.
11:16 AM
Started serving the lobby on the Terrapark building.
11:01 AM
Started inspection at the elevator area of 356 Gentry Building.

How it works?

Office Building proof-of-service tasklist package

Take your office building cleaning to the next level with task lists for each area.

Our Customers

Gain customer confidence and win more business

Provide an accurate proof-of-service for each micro-location in the customer location that the cleaner showed up and did a quality job. For example, an indoor micro-location implies areas such as lobbies, elevators, washrooms, meeting rooms, maintenance rooms. An outdoor micro-location implies areas such as parking lots, garages, garbage bin areas.

Stratosfy Marker has enabled us to get real-time data of everything that is happening on-site through their micro-location technology. Our supervisors access this real-time data as easy-to-understand reports via mobile and web applications, with the ability to share the reports directly to clients whenever it is needed. This resulted in reduced customer complaints, an efficient workforce, happy customers.

Vic Long, President

Reduce time and money on in-person supervision

Know the “who, where, when and what ” of your team, reducing the need to go for in-person supervision and manually inputting data into paper forms, thereby saving time and money for your business. Having real-time visibility into how well you are cleaning the facilities you manage gives you the ability to take care of any issues before they turn into problems or complaints, thereby retaining customers.

A unique feature of Stratosfy Marker is that you get a granular overview of all the cleaning operations at clients' multiple locations in real-time. This has reduced the need for in-person supervision and saved the time and money invested in travel efforts for frequent, daily and weekly, visits to client locations.

Dave Stoddart, Operations Executive

Enhance your Quality Control and build a great brand reputation

Let your workforce know about the task list to complete at each shift at each micro-location. Let your managers replace traditional tick sheets with inspection checklists per each micro-location and automatically create jobs to clear deficiencies, thereby taking the quality control process and your business reputation to the next level.

Stratosfy’s Marker solution combines sensors and software, providing us detailed reports from all our customer locations and helping us to assure top-notch service to our valuable customers. This unique combination of sensors and software enabled us to track and improve compliance through automated workflows, real-time data, and insightful reports.

Nathan Oxford, President & Regional Director

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