December 04, 2021
Commercial Cleaning Industry Veteran and Deskless Workforce Management Expert - Muthu Rajendran’s Journey With Stratsofy

Muthu’s story of transformation from ‘owner operator’ to ‘owner executive is inspiring to many young entrepreneurs of the commercial cleaning industry; he started as a sole employee of his first franchise with Jani King, with his commitment and customer relationships he had soon grown into a team of 40+ with a strong book of diverse clients ranging from government buildings, manufacturing facilities, to warehouses and car dealerships.

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  November 20, 2021
Top Considerations of Customers Before Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Services Company?

If you are into the business of commercial cleaning then you know how important customer satisfaction is, particularly when the industry standards, in general, are going up on the one hand,  while profit margins are coming down on the other hand, owing to growing competition in the market. How do you keep your customers satisfied under these circumstances? To answer this, it would help to look at what customers are actually expecting from your commercial cleaning company and how to cost-effectively cater to those needs. 

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  November 25, 2021
Why beacon technology is the future of Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services Companies?

Jani-King Ottawa, one of the top janitorial services companies, has recently onboarded Startosfy Marker- a beacon-based workforce automation technology- to manage their employees and improve customer satisfaction. Beacon technology leverages wireless Bluetooth technology to communicate with smart devices. A beacon is a small hardware/transmitter that can be installed easily throughout any property

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  November 24, 2021
Madan K, CEO of Stratosfy on ‘The Great Resignation’ in the Commercial Cleaning Industry and Game-changing ‘Beacon Technology’

Madan Kanala, CEO of Startosfy, talks about the challenges of ‘The Great Resignation’ in the commercial cleaning industry and how Stratosfy Marker leverages beacon technology and cloud computing to create a state-of-the-art workforce management system that can help commercial cleaning and janitorial companies survive what might be their greatest post-pandemic challenge.

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