Benefits and Features

Accurate Proof-of-Service Reporting

GPS-based solutions face precision constraints in indoor settings. By combining GPS and proprietary wireless-sensor data, Stratosfy Marker pinpoints the precise micro-location of cleaners inside your clients’ locations and the cleaning activity performed.

Save time and money spent on in-person supervision

Stratosfy Marker will be your supervisor at different micro-locations within client locations, drastically reducing the need for in-person supervision and inspections. In addition, you can see the complete log of activities on the real-time dashboard using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Enhance Quality-Control

Take your service quality to the next level through quality control checklists used at each micro-location of a client’s location. Then, act immediately by raising work orders to correct deficiencies detected during inspections.

Bring automation into your cleaning operations

Replace traditional tick sheets, paper forms, clock-in/clock-out machines, and in-person inspections with this wireless sensor-based technology.


Easily create specific micro-locations within an office, building, or commercial space such as lobbies, washrooms, elevators, and cafeteria, among others.

  • Gain a competitive advantage over other cleaning companies that can manage their operations at the location level.
  • Change the perspective of scheduling and reporting in your cleaning operations by managing your client’s locations as micro-locations.

Wireless-Sensor based real-time feed

Assign wireless sensors to each micro-location and get a real-time feed of cleaning activity at each micro-location. This activity includes detecting the presence of your cleaners once they enter and exit each micro-location and the task-list they start and complete at each micro-location.

Bring sensor-based accuracy into your cleaning operations and eliminate limitations offered by GPS. Undeniable proof-of-service for service performed at each micro-location.

  • Up to 2m accuracy
  • Battery-powered sensors
  • Indoor and outdoor sensors

With Stratosfy Marker, you can assure your client that the service is provided as per the contract and eliminate paper-based logging of service in the most reliable way. You need not worry that your cleaners will miss certain cleaning areas and tasks in each area.

Dave Capstick - Supervisor

Thorough Scheduling

Create and assign shifts to cleaners with tasks to be executed at each micro-location of a client's location, making the scheduling thorough and much needed for your cleaning operations.

  • Make your scheduling complete by not just linking the shift hours and location to a cleaner but extending it to micro-locations to be served and tasks to be done at each micro-location.
  • With Stratosfy Marker's scheduling feature, you can trust your cleaners will know which micro-location to go at each of your client's locations and tasks to perform at each of the micro-locations.

Intelligent reports

Let your supervisors and Managers download real-time reports and let them schedule these reports to be sent to your clients automatically. Then, make your proof-of-service reporting to the next level with precise timestamps about clock-in & clock-out times at each micro-location and the timestamps about tasks done at each micro-location.

  • Use Proof-of-Service reports to gain customer confidence and to retain your cleaning contracts.
  • Make your reporting digital and automated with precise and accurate timestamps for each cleaning event that happened at your client’s location.

Stratosfy Marker solution provides real-time notifications, which helped us reduce those situations that would eventually become customer complaints. For example, a No-show of a cleaner will be notified in real-time, allowing us to make alternative arrangements before the escalation path kicks in.Marker’s real-time notifications helped us reduce the situations that would result in customer complaints. For example, a No-show of a cleaner gets notified in real-time, allowing us to make the alternative arrangements before the escalation path kicks in.

Mayooran Sritharan - Operations Executive


Take your quality control to the next level with checklists at each micro-location of your clients’ location. Let inspections take place at each micro-location, and a work order is automatically raised whenever a quality deficiency is noticed.

  • Keep a check on quality at each micro-location of your clients’ location so that your brand reputation is intact.
  • Fix quality issues by automatically raising work orders corresponding to each deficiency noticed during inspections.

More Features

Real-time Notifications

  • Shift progress alerts
  • Problems reported from Client locations
  • No-Show/Late show exceptions

Offline Service reporting

  • Preserve the recorded service data even when there is no internet connection on the worker’s mobile device.
  • Synchronize data to the cloud as soon as the internet connection is active on the mobile phone.
  • Photos and notes can also be collected and reported offline.

Client Access

  • Be the leader of transparency with a provision to have your client access service data.
  • Your client can use mobile and web apps to report cleaning activities to the tenant.
  • You can enable client access to only selected locations.